Using job search sites can be an effective part of a comprehensive job search strategy. Check out this handy list from Consumers Advocate to find the best places to post your resume in 2019!

By: Daniel Lorenzo | Marketing Manager at Let’s Eat, Grandma

As a professional resume writing and career development service, we get asked about the best job boards all the time.

Savvy clients aren’t content with just having a great resume. In today’s crazy, oversaturated job market, they wisely want to know the best places to post their resume to get noticed!

From Indeed to Monster to LinkedIn Jobs, there are many popular job boards for posting your resume online, and the amount of options can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, Consumers Advocate just came out with a handy resource for finding out which job board will work best for you. After over 200 hours of research, their team put together a list of the 10 best job search engines of 2019.

You can find the list here, and read on for our highlights.

A Preliminary Word of Advice About Job Boards

A photo of a man in a brown sweater shaking the hand of a seated woman, presumably as a professional connection.
Job boards work best as part of a comprehensive job search strategy that includes networking.

Remember when you’re evaluating the best places to post your resume, though, that job boards are only one part of a comprehensive job search strategy. 

Estimates say that 60-70% of jobs in the U.S. are still filled through networking (and many of those aren’t even posted!) If you want to find a job quickly, you need to explore all of your options, including cold emailing, informational interviews, and attending events as well as posting your resume on popular job boards.

Keep in mind, too, that your resume works best when it’s tailored towards each specific job. Job search engines are an excellent way to find many relevant jobs at once, but don’t just shoot out your resume blindly to every job you find. It might sound convenient, but it makes it impossible to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems.

Let’s take a look at what Consumers Advocate discovered to optimize your job search strategy! (Remember, this is only a taste – check out the full article on their site.

The 9 Best Places to Post Your Resume in 2019 – Verified by Research

By analyzing over 25 sources with an advanced methodology, the Consumers Advocate team evaluated the best job search engines of 2019 based on many factors. They broke out different “Best of” categories rather than linearly ranking all 9 sites, as every job seeker has different needs. 

Here are a few of their favorites so you can find which one best suits you:

Indeed – Best Overall

A screenshot of a job search for UX Designer positions on Indeed, one of the 9 best places to post a resume of 2019.

Indeed is easy to use, easy to apply through, and has a massive volume of jobs to apply for (ten jobs are posted every second!) With a robust search feature, company profiles, and plenty of other useful features, Indeed is an all-around good place to begin your job search.

LinkedIn Jobs – Best for Networking

This comes as no surprise – we’re passionate advocates for using LinkedIn as a job search engine. It’s a useful tool for expanding your professional network and an integral part of any job seeker’s strategy (which is why we offer LinkedIn rewrites as one of our primary products!) 

A screenshot of a job search for UX Designer positions on LinkedIn, one of the 9 best places to post a resume of 2019.

As a professional social network, LinkedIn offers opportunities to personally connect with recruiters like no other. Instead of being a place to post a general resume, a good LinkedIn profile actually doubles as an expanded resume. This allows you to show off your qualifications before even applying, as recruiters will find your profile by searching for keywords. 

Plenty of opportunities are posted in their Jobs section, and you can even filter your search results to find opportunities within your network. Applying through someone you know is a HUGE advantage over applying blindly.

The Muse – Best for Company Profiles

We’re also big advocates of researching the company you apply to. A cover letter that shows how your professional philosophy aligns with the company’s can be the factor that gets you an interview. 

A screenshot of a company profile on The Muse, one of the 9 best places to post a resume of 2019.

The Muse is the best of these job search engines to find information on the company you’re applying to. With robust company profiles, you can search for your ideal company and find out all you need to know about their size, philosophy, and culture. This will tell you not only how you’ll like the job, but alsohow the tone of your application will be perceived.)

Glassdoor – Best for Company and Salary Information

A screenshot of a company profile on The Muse, one of the 9 best places to post a resume of 2019.

Finally, you’ll want to optimize your job search by finding out if the company will work for you. Glassdoor complements The Muse’s company profiles by hosting anonymous information about companies from people who have actually worked there. 

Though you should be wary of false reviews and biased opinions, Glassdoor provides key information on salary, benefits, management, and even common interview questions. This can help you determine whether applying for a job is worth it, saving you precious time in your job hunt.

The Rest of the 9





The Ladders

Optimize Your Job Search

This was a taste of a few of the best places to post your resume in 2019, but remember that one site won’t have all of the answers for you. Just like Frosted Flakes is only part of a well-balanced breakfast, using popular job boards is only part of a well-balanced job search!

Your need to have a well-written resume and cover letter, excellent interviewing skills, and a LinkedIn profile with a thriving professional network if you truly want to advance in your career. Don’t be intimated – it works! And help is right here.

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