Career Warrior Podcast #273) Answering HOTTEST Reddit Questions for Resumes

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Today we have a minisode where I try and answer common questions in a concise episode. I went back on Reddit, in which my love/hate relationship has never been seen before on the internet. And I’m going to answer the HOTTEST Reddit Questions that were asked on Reddit. 

And man these questions are hot. 

They are so hot, in fact, my friends at Sriracha are cowering in fear. These questions are so hot: Nelly had to write a song about it in 2002. These questions are so hot that Leonardo Di Caprio and George Clooney had to take a lesson out of their book. These questions are so hot, that my fellow Texans stopped complaining about this miserable summer. 

You’ll hear questions like

  • It is okay to say you left a job due to personal issues?
  • Storytelling – how do you incorporate it?
  • How do I stand out?
  • Is it okay to lie on job responsibilities?