You’ve seen that enticing button while searching jobs on LinkedIn: “Easy Apply.” Does it work as well as a traditional application? Read our take.

By: Katelyn Skye Bennett | Contributor for Let’s Eat, Grandma

Searching for work online? There are a few ways to get your foot in the proverbial door.

The most effective way is through personal connections, another is by applying directly, and a third is by using “Easy Apply” features on sites like LinkedIn Jobs.

LinkedIn’s Easy Apply operates differently from job boards like Indeed.  Instead of having you upload attachments to send them to the employer, this method focuses on information from your LinkedIn profile. It’s meant to be both a quick and easy way for you to apply and a way for LinkedIn to highlight the power of its profiles. (They’re already trying to be involved in the hiring process.)

A screenshot showing how the LinkedIn Easy Apply feature works.

This is all you need to fill out once you click the “Easy Apply” button!

It’s a good way to apply to a lot of jobs quickly, and you can put yourself out there with just a few clicks, but it isn’t the most personal or direct method.

Does LinkedIn Easy Apply work as a genuine time-saver, or is it just a shortcut that won’t pay off? Here are some things to consider:

“Tell me the truth: does LinkedIn Easy Apply work?”

In order for LinkedIn’s Easy Apply to work – that is, to land you an interview – you have to have a top-notch profile that matches the job opening.

Unlike with direct applications, your resume is downplayed through Easy Apply. Firstly, it is optional, and secondly, it’s buried in the visual LinkedIn shares with the employer.

Instead, Easy Apply prefers to have your LinkedIn profile act as a resume for you. Because of this, it’s difficult to customize for each job and thus has limited potential.

As important as it is, your LinkedIn profile is different from your resume in some key ways. At its best, it’s meant to give a broad picture of your career to encourage connections, as opposed to your resume which shows why you’re the best candidate for a specific job.

So what does this mean for you?

How can you optimize this feature?

How to Make LinkedIn Easy Apply Work for You

The convenience of Easy Apply is hard to deny, so we won’t tell you that you can’t use it. Before you apply, update your profile so your photo, headline, and summary are on point and your location and industry, accurate. You should update your skills according to industry-standard job descriptions as well so that they match employers’ interests.

Paint the full picture of your career journey and make a strong case for yourself. Employers won’t see a lot, so the key points need to shine.

If you are applying in a field you’re especially qualified for and have the profile to back it up, you’ll stand a chance. Again, you won’t be able to target each job as well, but with a strong profile, you’ll certainly have a chance among the other candidates.

(Plus, if the hiring staff chose to post this job with the Easy Apply option, they knew what they were getting into and will know how to properly evaluate these applications.)

After you update your profile accordingly, LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature really is easy to use. You might say it’s a walk in the park.

If you’re too busy to apply directly right now, give Easy Apply a shot. Or, if some postings have more potential than promise and you’re curious to know what’s out there, see how this feature works for you. You can cover a lot of ground by mass-applying this way.

Use With Caution: Only Use Easy Apply for Certain Jobs

But this feature is not foolproof. Rather, it is a simple and time-effective way to apply that can be helpful in addition to more full job applications. Do not rely on it as the foundation of your application strategy.

For the jobs that scream your name, go the extra mile. Click the regular “Apply” button to apply through the company’s website with a tailored resume and cover letter and use personal connections when possible.

Effort doesn’t ensure results, but it helps.

A photo of two men smiling and shaking hands.

Leveraging your network is still by far the most effective way to land a job.

As much as things are automated for efficiency, employers are still human. While your LinkedIn headline can help you stand out as a good match for a position, it doesn’t offer the trust component that is built by relationships or even by a more complete application.

In fact, 60-85% of jobs are filled through networking. If you’re serious about finding work, prioritize that route rather than paths that promise to be hacks or shortcuts!

So back to the original question: does LinkedIn Easy Apply work? Yes or no, does it work?

The answer is sometimes—with a stellar profile that relates to the jobs you’re clicking, sometimes it does.

And because of that, Let’s Eat, Grandma approves using it as a supplemental resource. It doesn’t hurt to try. But be sure to use traditional resumes and cover letters for the jobs that really grab your heart; if you need help tailoring yours, we’re happy to help.

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Happy job hunting!