How to Boost Productivity and Mental Energy for your Job Search

We are going to talk about how to upgrade your day and hack your energy and productivity – so that you can have a better job search. (Or if you are not searching, you can use these tips to have a better workday in general).

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About Jordan Gross

Our guest today, Jordan Gross, is a former top-performing athlete, certified professional trainer, startup growth hacker, and a business management expert. He’s also the author of Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness.

What we cover

Listen to this podcast for practical information on how to improve your day, hack your mental energy, and strive toward that all-star status yourself.

  • Why is motivation such an important aspect of our daily lives, and especially for job seekers?
  • What are common mistakes that people make throughout their day?
  • How can serious professionals start their morning routine to make the most of their day?
  • What are some ways that people in transition can manage the anxiety levels and get some clarity on the direction they are headed in?
  • What are some ways that people can mentally prepare for that interview?

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