5 Tips for Job Searching During the Coronavirus

Apr 29, 2020 | Job Search Strategy

There is hope. Whether you were already searching or were unexpectedly laid off, you can still find a job during these times. Here are some tips for job searching during the coronavirus.

By: Matt Dupee | Resume Writer for Let’s Eat, Grandma

As we all know, a lot of careers have been affected by this dang bug.

People have been unexpectedly laid off, people who were already job searching now have to look for remote jobs, and basically everyone is insecure about their career. As a record number of workers continue to be laid off or furloughed, you might be wondering if you should continue job searching during the coronavirus or just put your search on pause while this plays out.

Keep your head up! At Let’s Eat, Grandma, we take a “Never Stop Looking” approach, and our team came up with some strategies to help you have a fruitful COVID job search.

Job Searching During the Coronavirus: 5 Strategies

1. Make a list of what you can and cannot control about your job searching situation

Let’s face it:  We were all hit with a big surprise when the economy practically shut down to combat this virus. If you were laid off or furloughed, it was out of your control. If that dream job suddenly disappeared from the job boards, it was not your fault.

Job searching during the coronavirus doesn’t have to be a chore and shouldn’t scare you. Here are a few things you can control:

1.) Your attitude and how you approach each day

2.) The amount of networking you continue to do on LinkedIn

3.) How you prepare for a transition to the remote workforce

4.) Your skills development

5.) How you spend this time with your family and loved ones

2. Prepare how to explain your transition

If you have been laid off, you will need to start planning the narrative of your transition back to the workforce. Be prepared to clearly and concisely explain your situation in your cover letter and in interviews. Having a concise strategy will give you a competitive advantage once the hiring season shifts into first gear.

Remember that most of the world is in the same boat, and keep your explanations short, positive, and forward-looking, like this:

Recently, Landry’s Inc. announced a round of layoffs due to the coronavirus pandemic, and my position was eliminated. I was consistently rated as a top performer at my restaurant, and I plan on delivering that same level of service in my next position.”

Remember also to include how you spent your time since the layoff. This could be networking, taking free online classes, caring for a loved one — everything that shows you didn’t skip a beat during the shutdown.

3. Find out which industries are hiring (many of them still are)

A sign reading "Now Hiring"

Non-essential brick and mortar businesses may be closed, but many industries are still hiring.

According to Fast Company, shipping and delivery companies like Amazon are looking to hire 100K workers! Online learning companies are booming as we shift to homeschooling. Grocery stores and delivery services can’t keep up with demand and remote meeting and communications companies like Zoom and WebEx need your help.

4. Expand your network on LinkedIn and get virtual coffee dates or informational interviews

LinkedIn is still your number one go-to for networking. Now more than ever, folks have the time to connect on Linkedin. You can build relationships with them and even ask to have a virtual informational interview. Even if companies you’re interested in aren’t hiring right now, they will be soon, and that connection you make today may translate to a job down the road.

Stay active on Linkedin daily, spending your time both connecting with new people and posting your own content and comments.

Expert tip: adjust the keywords in your headline often and you will trend higher on Linkedin’s internal algorithms.

5. Take the time to reflect on your skill gaps and then upskill

Have you always wanted to learn something new for your career? Maybe you’ve been flirting with the idea of entering a new industry for a while? This could be the perfect time.

An banner (courtesy of Free Code Camp) advertising free online Ivy League courses for those job searching during the coronavirus.

Did you know that there are some amazing resources out there for free? Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central, put together a list of 450 Ivy League courses you can take online for free. Dhawal even organized the courses by major/industry topics. What better way to spend lockdown than studying machine learning from Harvard?

It’s a difficult time for everyone who’s job searching during the coronavirus, but we’re rooting for you. Remember to take care of yourself, apply these strategies, and don’t worry.

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