Like it or not, your resume needs a skills section. Check out our guide for 5 in-demand operations manager resume skills to land you the job.

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By: Daniel Lorenzo | Content Marketing Manager at Let’s Eat, Grandma

Ahh, yes. You’ve done it again.

Thanks to your management expertise, everything at work is running on schedule and as best as it can be.

Except for updating your resume.

We get it – getting your experience down on paper is hard! Why do you have to go through the extra trouble of condensing all your skills into a few words?

Well, experts agree that every resume needs a skills section. It gives employers a quick, scannable picture of what you know. It also helps you to get past that dreaded ATS system that needs to be fed keywords to pass your resume through to a human.

To get you started thinking of skills, we’ve rounded up a list of 5 great operations manager resume skills that you should definitely consider listing.

5 In-Demand Operations Manager Resume Skills

A graphic with icons representing the 5 in-demand operations manager resume skills listed in the article.

#1: Quality Assurance/Control

As an Operations Manager, you’re lucky to have a pretty simple way to describe your job: you keep things running.

Keeping production as good and costs as low as they can both be is an integral part of your duties. Make sure you convey that you’re skilled at this by listing Quality Assurance (or Quality Control) in your Skills section.

#2: Project & Change Management

Okay, I lied. I suppose there are actually 6 skills here, but these 2 are closely related, so I chose to be efficient and kill two birds with one stone. (Are you proud of me?)

Employers want to see that you can keep projects running on-time and under-budget. They also want to see that you can do the same thing once something changes and the pressure is higher (because no employee likes when things are different!).

If you’ve ever helped integrate new staff or new policies after a management transition, you can list Change Management.

#3: Process Improvement

Here it is. The big Kahuna. Every one of you should list this guy.

If you can’t say that you’ve improved a process, how did you get into this line of work?! If you made anything run more efficiently or fixed anything that wasn’t working in your last job, make sure this in-demand skill is on your resume.

#4: Human Resources Skills

Operations Managers can use a broad variety of people skills, from training, to performance evaluation, to even hiring and firing.

You can convey these generally by listing “Human Resource” skills in an Areas of Expertise section or your Summary section. Even if you do this, however, we recommend listing the individual skills (i.e., employee development, terminations) exactly as they appear in each job description to pass through the ATS system.

#5: Leadership

Who doesn’t want to hire a leader?

Your position demands taking charge, making tough decisions, looking at the big picture, and motivating people. No one word captures these great qualities more than Leadership. Make sure it’s in your skills section.

You can keep anything running effectively. Now get out there and do the same for your career with a great resume!

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