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Let’s Eat, Grandma has some exciting news to share with you today:

Our Career Warrior Podcast has been recognized as one of the top career podcasts of 2019!

We’ve made it into the latest edition of the Top Career Podcasts Guide, an annual collection of shows focused on job search and career development strategies.

This is the first time Career Warrior has been included in the Guide, joining 111 other career-focused podcasts from among the thousands on iTunes.

We’re honored to be included on this list by our friend and inspiration Mac Prichard. Nearly 50 episodes in, Career Warrior has quickly become an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a better career and a better life.

We’re so grateful to all the listeners who have taken us this far. If you’re still new to us, we encourage you to tune into our new episodes on Spotify, iTunes, or Stitcher every Thursday! It might just change your life. 😉



About the Career Warrior Podcast

The official logo of Let's Eat, Grandma's Career Warrior Podcast, featuring the text of the show title, Let's Eat, Grandma's pencil-shaped logo, and an image of founder and host Chris Villanueva smiling.

Our podcast is designed to help you land your dream job -— and become the best professional you can in your career journey.

Each week, Let’s Eat, Grandma CEO and Founder Chris Villanueva has a fun, casual conversation on a career-related topic with an expert guest. You will hear motivational advice from industry leaders, resume experts, and job seekers to help guide you through your career.

For a good introduction to the series, please check out our 19th episode!

About the Guide

The Top Career Podcasts Guide is a valuable resource for job seekers, podcast enthusiasts, and anyone interested in building a meaningful, rewarding career. Developed by podcaster and job search expert Mac Prichard, the guide recognizes each year’s shows that best help listeners with their career challenges.

The Top Career Podcasts Guide is a 100% free resource. To download your copy, visit their site.

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