Just knowing how to code isn’t enough to convince a hiring manager. Check out our guide for 5 in-demand software engineer resume skills to land you the job.









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By: Daniel Lorenzo | Content Marketing Manager at Let’s Eat, Grandma



















Ahh, that sweet, sweet code. If you’re applying to be a software engineer, you’re probably fluent in programming languages that I can’t even wrap my head around.








But, how are you going to convey your expertise on your resume?








Experts agree that every resume needs a skills section. However, it can be tough to tell what skills deserve to be listed on your resume.










It’s tempting to think you can just list a bunch of keywords to appease an ATS system, but impressing a hiring manager requires more. You need to list well thought-out skills, both hard and soft.








To get you started thinking of skills, we’ve rounded up a list of 5 great software engineer resume skills that you should definitely consider listing.










5 Software Engineer Resume Skills to Start With









A graphic listing 5 small icons to represent this article's 5 most in-demand software engineer resume skills









#1: In-Demand Programming Languages









This is your bread-and-butter. Engineers and developers need to know a variety of programming languages to use the best option for each situation. They’re also updated frequently (who had










Prove that you know at least some of these 7 most in-demand coding languages, and you’ll be in good shape:










  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • C++
  • C#
  • PHP Perl









#2: Methodologies









Agile, Waterfall, and Scrum are some of the most common methodologies for software development teams.










If you’ve ever worked in any of these environments, be sure to list it on your resume. This will show that you’ll work well in a dev team, and might pave the way for you to become a Project Manager or Scrum Master.










#3: Attention to Detail









One single misplaced semicolon can make an entire application crash.










As such, companies are looking for software engineers with a high attention to detail. List this skill to prove that you can spot a code discrepancy from a mile away.










#4: Cross-Functional Collaboration









Here’s the thing: as much as you love to just plug away at code all day, that won’t be what your job is like.










In your job, you need to be attuned to the various business requirements for the programs you’ll be developing. A good software engineer can effectively collaborate with many people and departments to translate needs into code.










#5: Problem-Solving









Finally, you’re going to run into problems with your original code that you’ll have to try a different solution for.










And then another one.










And another one.










And 3,000 more until you want to bang your head against the wall.










You can see why problem-solving is a key skill for software engineers. List it to prove you can get a fresh look on any issue.










You’re ready to get out there and take on the most challenging software projects. Now get out there and make sure your resume is ready, too!


















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