You’ve heard of candidates sending in Thank You Letters to companies, but do you really need to send one? Yes! A Thank You Letter after an interview can be the one thing that sets you apart from the other candidates. Read on to find out why and how to write and send one!

By: Elyse Villanueva | Social Media Manager at Let’s Eat, Grandma

Sending a Thank You Letter after an interview is even more important than you think. A whopping 68% of recruiters say that a Thank You Letter positively impacts a candidate’s chance of landing a job, according to a recent survey by TopResume. In addition to being a polite gesture, sending in a well-written Thank You Letter after an interview can illustrate further your diligence and the value you can add to the company.

So how do you write one of these notes? Just as important: how do you send it? Here’s our quick and easy guide.

Sending a Thank You Letter: Email or snail mail?

In most cases, companies prefer to receive a Thank You Letter by email, especially if the company is in technology or a start-up. Why?

  • Snail mail can be too slow. If the other candidates send a Thank You Letter by email within a day or so after the interview, and you send one by mail, the employer may make their decision while your note is still in the post office.
  • It’s a more modern and simple way to keep in touch with the company. Most companies would not consider it any less formal than a paper note.

However, consider sending your Thank You Letter via snail mail if you are applying to a more traditional company (i.e. wedding planning) or a high-level position (i.e. CFO).

  • Remember to take into account the several days it will take to reach the recipient. It may take even longer for larger organizations where mail is sorted in a mailroom and then distributed.

Writing a stellar Thank You Letter after an interview


  • Don’t wait! Write the letter directly after the interview so your memory is still fresh.
  • If you’re sending an email, an ideal time to send it would be one business day after your interview around lunchtime.
  • If you’re sending it by mail, it’s recommended to send it either the same day or the day after.


  • Open up with a reminder of who you are by mentioning something you shared in the interview (see an example below). The recruiter probably interviewed many candidates, so you need to refresh their memory.
  • Show your appreciation of their time and effort.
  • Keep it short, but personalized. Don’t just send out a boring template! Try to connect back to the company and specifics of the interview while remaining concise (i.e., don’t go over half a page).
    • Tip: Immediately after the interview, jot down key notes from your discussion (like upcoming projects or initiatives) to mention in the note.
  • Express interest in the position and show confidence in your ability to succeed and learn more.
  • Go over every detail of the note and make sure it makes sense to send to the company. If you don’t, this note could do more harm than good.

Possible Subject Lines

  • “Thank you for your time”
  • “Great speaking with you”
  • “Following up”


An example of a well-written Thank You Note from Let's Eat, Grandma

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